h o m e n e w s r e l e a s e s v i d e o a r t l i n k s  

Tools... somewhat randomised... Gretsch + Ibanez guitars : vintage analog synths : warped reel-to-reel mag tape : awkward silences : string bending... with/without delay : black and white noise : tube amplification : harmonic feedback : ring mod + vcf + space echo : approaching blackhole...

...an obsession with esoteric noise making machines... nothing ever quite in tune or in time...

...the physical history of molecules.

...field samples may sometimes be the catalyst, sometimes the fabric, sometimes the destination...


releases ::

A full length release is being remastered for mid 2012, a limited track EP promo release is available on LAST.FM, see below...

'Below the Sky Fell' - Planned Release Mid 2012 ::

Below the Sky Fell (Working title): Full length CD (12-14 tracks), available on digital channels as well as likley a limited physical release. Art by tk.

working track list ::

1. Below the Sky Fell 2. A Thousand Cuts 3. Submission 4. Bodies 5. Rapture (Defect) 6. Primal 7. Precession (Sigh) 8. Weirdo 9. Hole 10. Obsession Lag 11. Orchid 12. Lullaby 13. Disco Drone

* some of these tracks may be switched in the final master.

'A Thousand Cuts' EP - Released Feb 2012 ::

A Thousand Cuts: Five track promo EP, available on digital format via LAST.FM. Two tracks are available as free downloads. Art by tk. To order click

track list ::

1. A Thousand Cuts* 2. Submission 3. Primal 4. Bodies 5. Orchid*

* these tracks are available as free downloads...

'Unreleased Materials' ::

Early recordings are hard to find, limited to hand crafted CDs, mp3s, and tape mixes passed between friends. These tracks are typically reworked and some originals have been lost. Some early works were used as soundscapes for theatre production and as part of multimedia productions.


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are an incompressable fact of life...

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